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Demand Technology International

Our Die Castings and Extrusions capabilities

We design and manufacture a very wide range of custom precision die castings on machines from 8 to 300 tons all operating in an ISO9001-2000 certified environment .All die casting are produced on tooling manufactured in house by our casting partners in China utilising the latest CNC machines and EDM equipment.  Utilising both Hot and Cold chamber machines we can cast a range of zinc and aluminium alloys which all meet Rohs specs. Where practical we will cast features such as screw threads, gear teeth etc.

For features which cannot be cast into the component we have a fully equipped machine shop to carry out any additional drilling, tapping machining and polishing. Finished die castings can be painted , wet or powder coat, polished or sub-assembled with a variety of insulating or protective coats applied in liquid or self adhesive form.

As it is impossible to convey on one site the total product range we can offer ,or the complete information about each product please contact one of our dedicated sales team for further information

Our Die Castings and Extrusions Products:

Die Castings and Extrusions