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Demand Technology International

Our Cable & Assembly Capabilities

We supply a large range of standard and bespoke wire, cable and looms/assemblies. These can all be designed , built and customised to suit your specific requirements including any  custom materials, diameters and core sizes through to the fitting of a range of Connectors and over-moulding to produce fully finished and tested cable/loom assemblies.

We offer both standard ranges of reeled cable and custom built cable to your spec. Our in house cable manufacturing facilities allows us to extrude the raw copper and make up any conductor gauge you require. We can spin and twist in any configuration and add braiding or foil layers to achieve your final spec. The outer sheath can then be extruded in a range of materials onto the inner strands to produce the finished cable. We offer many options which include flat /round cable, figure of eight, coiled and CAT ranges in various diameters to suit your specific needs. We can also separate the inner cores within the outer jacket to provide different spacings that keep signal cores and power separated. All our materials are RoHS compliant and range from soft feel PU through to the harder grades of non-migratory PVC for both inner/outer sheathing and over-moulding. A full choice of colours and marking options are available for the finished cable and assemblies.

You will find a selection of photographs of the more common items we manufacture by choosing from the drop down menu below.

As it is impossible to convey on one site the total product range we can offer, or the complete information about each product, please contact one of our dedicated sales team for further information

Our Cables & Assemblies Products:

Cables with Custom Connectors

Over-Moulded Cable Assemblies

PCB and Electronic Assembly and Test