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Demand Technology International

With full ISO9001.2000 certification and all materials complying with RoHS we are capable of producing many custom cables as well as standard formats. We can produce any configuration of cable type required, both in size of copper core and extruded insulation with a wide range of materials and colours. Cables can be customised with virtually any commercially available connector combination either as purchased or with custom in house over-moulding. We can undertake full electrical testing of all cables along with full mechanical destruction and wear testing and pull testing for terminations. Additional in house assembly involving either bought out components or even customer free issue parts is a regular requirement with the products we produce. As all our metal, plastic and cable facilities are all in the same location in China. Combinations of metal, plastic and electrical parts can be conveniently brought together to provide more comprehensive assemblies from a single source.


Picture6 Smartscope Projector